4 members held an extended weekend meeting. We accomplished alot today!
We entered our first entries in the Engineering Journal and got over our fear! 😀
We were given a new tool box where everything was neatly organized, added, and labeled.
We added larger wheels to Mantis and practiced driving. We learned that racquet balls get stuck easily when the wheels are larger. Larger wheels also limit turning ablility.
We practiced with the magnetic sensor and the direction of the magnet in the racquet ball changes the reading.
We made some sketches of the robot and worked some more on the logo.
One mentor made us the ramps and we sent up 2/3’s of the field. We added gaffer’s tape to the 12 crates.
Guess what! The local bowling alley is graciously going to donate 2 bowling balls to us for the field! THANK YOU!! :]
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