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Championship Video

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Today was the Hudson Valley Championship. It was great considering it was our first time! We came in 30th but we now know new strategies. Hopefully these will come in handy for New York City if we get in! Videos … Continue reading

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6 members met today. Tech-Wise Guys (5637) also came. We made our final preparations for the Hudson Valley Championship. Wish us luck!

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5 members met after school. Back-up drivers practiced, the journal is nearly finished, and decorations were started. Almost ready for Sunday’s championship!

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2 members met at school for a weekend meeting with the Tech-Wise Guys (#5637). Number plates were added to the sides, the 4 autonomous modes were nearly completed and the back up drivers practiced in preparation for the championship next … Continue reading

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4 members met after school. We got practice driving, added another motor to the arm, and fixed some cross channels.

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Today 4 members met at school. We reconfigured the wiring so that the ball harvester would fit in 18 inch limit. The rubber on the wheels was sewn to avoid breaking the rules. A … Continue reading

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Today the Techno Chix (Team #18) hosted the Cookie Bowl Scrimmage. We had a great day! 5 members attended. The programmer fixed the control buttons. The mechanisms team used stronger cord for the lifter. The drivers got some more practice. … Continue reading

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4 members met after school. We disscussed t shirts and pit decorations. The mechanisms team attached the ball harvester to the lift. The programmer made the lifter work. Overall we prepared for Saturday’s scrimmage/workshop.

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Weekend Recap

Here’s our newest YouTube video about this weekend. Enjoy!

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