Today 4 of us had our first meeting of the year.

Much was accomplished!

The drive train team worked on rebuilding Anakin Skyroller. The shorter pieces were exchanged for longer ones. They also fixed the problem of the two servos on the arm. It was decided to make a longer arm, a motor would need to be used. They temporarily attached the ball harvester to see how low it needed to be.

The mechanism developer worked on chains for a future prototype. She decided that the length of the current channel wasn’t going to be very successful. She and the mentor also worked on some of the mathematical equations needed to make it work.

The programmer reworked the Teleop program to work given the new construction. She learned that RobotC has a few minor glitches and was not showing the correct button numbers for the joysticks.

In all, it was quite the successful day! 🙂

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