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Today the Techno Chix (Team #18) hosted the Cookie Bowl Scrimmage. We had a great day! 5 members attended. The programmer fixed the control buttons. The mechanisms team used stronger cord for the lifter. The drivers got some more practice. … Continue reading

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4 members met after school. We disscussed t shirts and pit decorations. The mechanisms team attached the ball harvester to the lift. The programmer made the lifter work. Overall we prepared for Saturday’s scrimmage/workshop.

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Weekend Recap

Here’s our newest YouTube video about this weekend. Enjoy!

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Today it was just us for a weekend meeting at the school. 5 members came today. A better autonomous mode was created, where crates are knocked down, the ball harvester had more work done to it, and the gunner got … Continue reading

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Today 4 members met at school. We invited the teams Tech Wise Guys (#5637) and Robo Rexasaurus (#4080) for a weekend practice session. We got the arm working correctly with the 40-tooth to 120-tooth gears. Our new member made some changes to … Continue reading

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Today 4 members met at school. We worked some more on the ball harvester and arm. A potential member is planning to come to future meetings!

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Today 4 of us had our first meeting of the year. Much was accomplished! The drive train team worked on rebuilding Anakin Skyroller. The shorter pieces were exchanged for longer ones. They also fixed the problem of the two servos on the … Continue reading

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