Battle @ The Beach – 2013 Connecticut State Championship

We went to Greens Farms Academy this past weekend for the Connecticut FTC State Championship. There were 28 teams there, and both Governor Dannel Malloy and US Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke at the opening ceremonies. We were able to reconnect with teams we’ve met in the past: 18 Techno Chix, 5017 RoboEpic and 4554 Robo Mustangs, and met a lot of new ones as well.

In the qualifying rounds we won four matches, but lost one due to a flaky battery connector. We were ranked between first and third for part of the day, but ended up sixth seed going into alliance selections (8 QP / 211 RP / 200 high). 5873 Dragon Terminators were captain team for the second alliance. They made us their first pick along with 4780 Terraroids. We won the semi-finals, but lost in the finals.

We brought home our second Finalist Alliance trophy for the season, and we were also finalists for the Think Award. Our congratulations go out to 18 Techno Chix who won Think, 5017 RoboEpic for winning the Motivate Award, and 4554 Robo Mustangs for winning Inspire! All well-deserved!

Thanks to the tournament organizers for pulling together Battle @ The Beach in record time, and thanks also to Hudson Valley FTC for supplying much of the field control systems hardware. It was an honor to compete and we were glad to be able to help out by lending our field, game elements, and IR beacons for one of the competition fields.

Here’s a video:

and some photos:



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