2013 HV FLL Championship Outreach – FTC vs. The U.S. Army!

Today we had 11 team members help demonstrate FTC to the participants in the 2013 Hudson Valley FLL Championship. 5873 Dragon Terminators and 5997 Super Users were there, too. We had fun, talked with a lot of students and parents, and hopefully got some of them interested in FTC in the future.

Cadets from the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department at West Point were also there demonstrating their robots. They accepted our challenge to come play “Ring It Up!” with us! It was a lot of fun, and impressive to see them able to accomplish in 5 minutes what has taken us 5 months to build. The cool thing: one of the cadets is a graduate of both FTC and FRC, and his team went to Worlds last year. To paraphrase Army’s recruiting slogan: “There’s Smart, And Then There’s FIRST Smart”. Here’s a video:

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