2013-2014 Kickoff

Yesterday, September 7th, the team attended the Pace University live kickoff workshop for the new season. It was an informative day as we learned not only about the game, but the changes to FTC. In addition, our mentor talked about using PTC Creo, and two members talked to the rookie teams of the region about all things FTC.

This year’s game is “Block Party!” We believe that it was a really good game because of the complexity of the challenge. There’s certainly a lot to do this year! Here is the Kickoff Video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Today, the 8th, all the members met to disassemble last season’s robot and talk about this upcoming season. We used what we learned from the other teams yesterday and instituted a more definitive role system. We believe this will increase our efficiency, but wish us luck anyway!

Here we are taking apart Geary Cathaoirmore.

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