Suffern & Greenwich Qualifiers

We competed at qualifying tournaments over the last two weekends, one at Suffern High School for the Hudson Valley region, and another at Greenwich Academy for Connecticut.

At Suffern we had a really tough day with lots of mechanical problems and things breaking at the exact wrong times. However, we were happy to have been named finalists for the Connect Award!

After the repairs we made at Suffern, Jack the Gripper was working more reliably and we had a much better day in Greenwich, ending up as Second Alliance captain! Or it could have been our new kilts; we’re not sure. We lost in the semi-finals, but managed to make the list of teams advancing to the Connecticut championship!

Here is a video from Suffern:

and another from Greenwich:

This week we’re preparing to host our very first qualifier at our school: “Bionic Brouhaha”!

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