The Bionic Brouhaha

Last Saturday was our Bionic Brouhaha, the NY FTC Mid Hudson Valley Qualifier. The day ran successfully, and we received many compliments about it.

For our opening ceremonies, our guest speakers were President Vaillancourt (right below) and NY State Senator Greg Ball (left below). Both spoke about the opportunities FIRST gives us of which we should take advantage.


Throughout the day, we saw some incredible game play and fabulous pit displays.

D30_5408 D30_5829

The Daily Voice wrote a great recap of the day, getting the reactions of Suffern’s teams. We have also posted pictures on our Facebook page. The official results will appear on the Pace University FTC site soon. Congratulations to the winners, finalists, and all amazing teams present!

We would like to thank our great sponsors; Blue Sky Studios, Patsy’s Pizza and Pasta, Panera Bread, and Tom-Tom’s Bagels. Without them our food and sound services wouldn’t have been what they were. We would also like to thank John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, for without them, the event would not have been possible!


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