Hudson Valley Regional Championship

On February 16th, we competed at the Hudson Valley Championship at Pace University.

As you can see from our tweets, we had a fairly tough day. Match after match it seemed something went wrong! Our own robot, Scraps, played fairly well. We could consistently scoring over 130 points. Unfortunately for us, either our alliance partner suffered technical difficulties or our autonomous programs weren’t very compatible.

After a long day of disappointment, our effort paid off. We ended up the 3rd place winner of the Inspire Award. We are so grateful for that honor, and we are so pleased to be advancing on to the FTC East Super-Regional Championship.  To even ice the cake higher, we are the only Hudson Valley team to advance from the Hudson Valley Championship!

Watch our day below! (and if you really want to see a lack of compatible autonomous modes, make sure to watch beginning at the 3:00 mark 🙂 )

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