2014 Battle at the Beach

On Saturday, we competed at the Connecticut State Championship, the Battle at the Beach, for our second year.

It was a rough morning of qualifying matches for us; we only won our first match when we were paired with 36 Wyverns. However, throughout the day, our bot Scraps performed well. Although we will need to alter our autonomous modes to be more partner-friendly, we could consistently score high. Our scoop is working out for us! (Sorry Jack the Gripper…)

When alliance selection came about, we weren’t really expecting much. We had ranked 18th, which obviously no one was too excited about, but we hadn’t been crushed by it. We were competing more for the practice of the event than the actual results. But surprisingly enough, the 2nd ranked team, the Wyverns, chose us as their 2nd pick! (This seemed eerily familiar, considering this marked the 1 year anniversary of when we ranked 22nd but made it onto the 1st alliance at NYC.) Our alliance was 36 Wyverns, 6081 I2Robotics, and us.

We made it through both semifinal matches with high scores then moved into the finals. The 4th alliance beat out the 1st alliance so we knew they were tough. Coincidentally, the captain of this alliance was 5518 Dutchman’s Derivatives, who we had chosen to be on our alliance at the GA Qualifier. After 2 very close-scoring matches, we won!

Watch our day below:


The Winning Alliance

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