The Great New York State Fair

The past two days, Aug. 27th and 28th, we demoed at the State Fair. The first day we worked along with 6955 Robovines and the second with 7012 Error404.

Our large presentation space allowed us to display the entire field and have room for information boards and laptops with video. On the field, we periodically showed off our robot (for her last time!) and allowed kids to drive VEX demo robots. It was great to see the kids get excited over driving, but it was even better to meet individuals from all over the state who were set to begin their rookie FTC season on Sept. 6th. We were able to give some tips and exchanged information for future contact.

All in all, these days were so much fun both for demoing and team bonding. Can’t wait for the new season to begin!


UPDATE: The NYS State Fair demo was mentioned in the September 2014 FIRST Newsletter!

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