FIRST WIST Reflection

Today, one Bionic Gael (conveniently the social media leader) went to the FIRST Women in Science & Technology Forum at FIRST Place.

I had an amazing time; in front of me were all of these women who had either made a dent in the STEM fields, or were going to in the near future. I attended a College Student Panel, and the Computer Science and Engineering sessions. It was quite interesting to see all the different ways people took the same basic skills and applied them in so many different fields. I think the Keynote Address resonated with me the greatest for two reasons. First, I liked the idea of playful learning. For all of high school, I have missed the projects of grammar school that made school fun. And second, I loved hearing about engineering combined with nontraditional fields. As I, a senior, am looking towards my future, I was glad to hear that I can take engineering out of the lab and into fun real-world situations.

I thank everyone who organized and presented at this event. I had a wonderful day, and have taken away much as I prepare for the road ahead. Hopefully positive encouragement for young women in the STEM fields can one day show that this isn’t necessarily a man’s world. 😀

More information on the Blogger: Hi! I’m Laurèl, the Founder/Captain/CAD-er/Chassis Person/Social Media Nut of 5602 Bionic Gaels. I have participated in FIRST for all four of my high school years, and now I think/hope/secretly know I am ready to pursue robotics in medical or educational/toy fields. (I also like using slashes a lot.)

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