Robo-CATastrophe IV

This past week we prepared INTENSELY for the Robo-CATastrophe Qualifier in NJ. We essentially took our robot from not moving to competition ready in a matter of a few days. So before we get into today’s event, let’s meet our robot, PT-109!

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Key Design Features:
  • Chain-driven mecanum wheels
    • Allows for 360° chassis rotation
  • Linear bearing lift
    • Lighter than linear slides
    • Chain is stronger than string
  • Independent electronics bay
    • Easily removable for maintenance
  • Elongated scoop with spinner
    • Can pick up both wiffle ball sizes
    • Light plastic construction
  • Rolling goal guider
    • Allows robot to both push and pull rolling goals

Onto the tournament!

Today we learned a lot about Cascade Effect! strategy and design progress of fellow teams. We were stunned that we were able to win three of our five matches without scoring a single ball! Just by rolling off the ramp in autonomous and pushing rolling goals back up the ramp, we were able to score high points. Although this was obviously not our intent, we found lowering our scoop on a chain-driven servo had some issues, and we could not collect balls in this tournament.

Overall, we had an AMAZING day. We came in 13th, with a robot that hadn’t moved 18 hours before the tournament, were a finalist for the Control Award, won the Think Award, and placed third for the Inspire Award. We can’t wait to go to the New Jersey State Championship; this was the first time we have advanced!


Here’s to a great day!

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