Bionic Brouhaha II: The Second One Recap

After a long time of preparing, yesterday, January 10th, brought us the Bionic Brouhaha II: The Second One Mid Hudson Qualifying Tournament for the Empire NY Region.

We could not have asked for a better tournament event! 21 teams from the Empire, NYC / LI, and Connecticut Regions were in attendance despite Friday’s snowstorm. Everyone seemed to have a great day, and our 9541 Xeno Gaels had an exciting first tournament.

Our opening ceremonies included comments from KCHS President Fr. Vaillancourt, Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino’s Chief of Staff  George Oros, and Somers Town Supervisior Rick Morrissey.  January 10, 2015 was proclaimed to be Technology Day in the Town of Somers to commend the Bionic Gaels and teams present for their hard work in FTC (check out around 7:30 to see it during the ceremony).

The game play was great, with scores reaching the 200’s. We saw successful autonomous modes drive off the ramp, move goals to the parking zone, and hit down the kickstand. During the teleop, there was lots of goal moving and scoring in the goals. Several teams made the 120 cm goal!

Our winning alliance was 28 PolyGnomes, 6081 i²robotics, and 7487 Super 7. Our finalist alliance was 9541 Xeno Gaels, 7094 Basementalists, and 36 Wyverns.

Finally, we had a wonderful closing ceremony with awards presented to very well-deserved teams.  The advancing teams were us, 5602 Bionic Gaels (for hosting), 6081 i²robotics for the Inspire Award, 28 PolyGnomes for the Winning Alliance Captain, 7890 Space Lions for Inspire Runner-Up, 7094 Basementalists for Inspire 2nd Runner-Up, 7487 Super 7 for Winning Alliance 2nd Pick, and 5017 RoboEpic for the Think Award.

All-in-all, it was a great day. Congratulations to our 21 teams, you played well and made the event worth it to us volunteers. Bring on Bionic Brouhaha 3!

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