Lower Hudson Qualifying Tournament

Yesterday we went to compete at the Lower Hudson Qualifying Tournament hosted by team 9094 EDISON Robots at Yonkers Riverside High School.

We had a great day of competition, coming out of qualifying matches with a record of 2 loss, 2 win, and 1 tie. Our robot was at its best, as we made modifications this past weekend to put on last season’s scoop, which allowed us the height to score not only in goals attached behind the robot, but also into the 90 cm goal.

Recognize Scraps's scoop on PT-109?

Recognize Scraps’s scoop on PT-109?

After the morning matches, we were chosen by the fourth alliance captain 4244 Robusters, of Yorktown BOCES, along with 9605 Excelsior, of Excelsior Academy in Newburgh. We lost both of our semifinal matches to the first alliance, however we were still proud of our performance.

In the awards ceremony, we were named a finalist for the Control Award (the second time this season!!) and were honored to win the Inspire Award (again for the second time!).

IMG_20150125_180625850We congratulate all teams that played today! Special congratulations go out to our friends at 9541 Xeno Gaels, 18 Techno Chix, and 4654 Jellyfish  for advancing! See you all at Pace!


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