The Calm Before The Storm

This is it, folks! Our last weekend before the championship season. :O Today we held an open field day with teams 18 Techno Chix and 8699 The League of Extraordinary Roboticists. We and the Chix are working towards the Empire NY Regional Championship at Pace next Sunday, while the League is preparing for the rescheduled “Gater Bowl” Qualifier for the Connecticut Region. 0131151233 We spent the day working on our ‘bots and autonomous modes and had some driver practice as well. We even had an interesting conversation about using underpants on our robot (which was not one of our finer moments); this did lead to the modification of our scoop (which remains underpants free) with elastic headbands to guide the balls during dispensing. We also prepared scouting sheets for the Empire NY Regional Championship. We went through the tournament results for each of the five qualifiers and included those results on our sheets. We are providing both an edit-able Microsoft Word version and a PDF version here as well. (Take note, there is not a sheet for 5602 Bionic Gaels!) Microsoft Word: Cascade Effect Scouting Sheets ENY champ PDF: Cascade Effect Scouting Sheets ENY champ

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