Valentine’s Day

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Today we met to decide the course of our future! After careful thought, we have agreed on withdrawing our spots in the New York/ Long Island and New Jersey Regional Championships. This way other teams may have a chance at another tournament.

By withdrawing, we are looking at extra time to revamp our design. Without going into the specifics just yet, we hope to change our harvester to allow us to collect 5 balls and dispense them both in front of and behind the robot. We also think our new design will give us the capability to not only score in the 120, but be able to do so totally automatically.

Other advantages to withdrawing are that we may cram in some other outreach events for the coming weeks. Our ideas include demoing at the Microsoft Store in Danbury, CT and at the FLL Hudson Valley Championship and volunteering at one of the championship events we withdrew from. We also look to hold a scrimmage with local teams to prepare us for the East Super Regional. If you’re interested in joining us at a demo or playing at our home turf, shoot us a message! We’re looking for all the friends we can find!

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