This Week: A Recap

In preparation for the Super Regional, we’ve started the crunch time early (so maybe we won’t be sleep deprived by the time the tournament comes)!

On Thursday, we met to refine our autonomous program. Our previous mode involved rolling off the ramp, scoring in the 60 cm goal, and moving that goal to the parking zone, all for a total 70 points. After the meeting, our mode was able to roll off the ramp, score in both the 60 cm and 30 cm goals, all for 80 points. This all took 24 seconds, so we hope to squeeze in parking a goal as well to bring the total score up to 100 points!

On Friday, we met to finish up our new harvester. The design in a plastic/aluminum column that would be able reach all goals, including the elusive 120 cm. A sweeper collects from the floor and it has one-button programming to reach certain tube heights.

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Finally, we demoed at the Hudson Valley FLL Championship with fellow FTC teams 5997 SuperUsers, 6567 Roboraiders, and 9541 Xeno Gaels. It was a productive day for us as we were able to make our new harvester operational plus issue robot drivers’ licenses! All in all, it was a great day of fun with friends new and old.

Check out a video recap of it all:

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