Our Robot, PT-109

Throughout the season, you’ve seen photos of the development of our design. Here’s the final (for now!) product that we’ll be taking to the East Super Regional this week. (Anyone scouting, take note!)

All of our information is on our team sheet, but here is a quick overview of our robot, PT-109:



  • 360º rotation on mecanum wheels
  • 5 large ball capacity
  • Goal pushing/pulling

Autonomous Period

  1. Offensive- Rolls off ramp, scores into 60 cm and 90 cm goals
  2. Offensive- Rolls off ramp, scores into 60 cm goal
  3. Defensive- Starts on floor and moves opponents’ 60 cm goal

Tele-Op Period

  • Able to score in all goals
  • Can move goals up the ramp
  • Can play defense
  • High solo score- 429
  • Average solo score- 360

Check out our robot in action:

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