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Robo-CATastrophe IV

This past week we prepared INTENSELY for the Robo-CATastrophe Qualifier in NJ. We essentially took our robot from not moving to competition ready in a matter of a few days. So before we get into today’s event, let’s meet our robot, PT-109! … Continue reading

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FIRST WIST Reflection

Today, one Bionic Gael (conveniently the social media leader) went to the FIRST Women in Science & Technology Forum at FIRST Place. I had an amazing time; in front of me were all of these women who had either made … Continue reading

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Cascade Effect

Happy Kickoff Day! Today we went to the Empire Region (the shmancy new name for the Hudson Valley) Kickoff Event at Pace University. We spoke about the changes in the Game Manual Part 1 from the Block Party! season to … Continue reading

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Boeing Tour

Today we spent our day off (celebrating not having to go to Freshman Orientation) visiting Stewart ANGB to tour Boeing. It was an incredible experience, to say the least. We begun the day with a tour on the C-17 Globemaster … Continue reading

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The Great New York State Fair

The past two days, Aug. 27th and 28th, we demoed at the State Fair. The first day we worked along with 6955 Robovines and the second with 7012 Error404. Our large presentation space allowed us to display the entire field and … Continue reading

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Build A Bot

Today we hosted “Build A Bot” at the Patterson Library for about 30 children ages from 7 to 17. The event included construction of toothbrush bristlebots based off of the Evil Mad Scientist bristlebot tutorial and the Make building brushbot kits tutorial. Because we did not … Continue reading

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Robotics Camp 2014

For the past three weeks (in one week intervals), three members ran a robotics hour at Southeast Culture Camp.  We taught our 8 students how to work the LEGO Mindstorms system through building and programming. Last year we focused purely … Continue reading

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