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This Week: A Recap

In preparation for the Super Regional, we’ve started the crunch time early (so maybe we won’t be sleep deprived by the time the tournament comes)! On Thursday, we met to refine our autonomous program. Our previous mode involved rolling off … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Today we met to decide the course of our future! After careful thought, we have agreed on withdrawing our spots in the New York/ Long Island and New Jersey Regional Championships. This way other teams may … Continue reading

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The Calm Before The Storm

This is it, folks! Our last weekend before the championship season. :O Today we held an open field day with teams 18 Techno Chix and 8699 The League of Extraordinary Roboticists. We and the Chix are working towards the Empire … Continue reading

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End of the Block Party

After the kickoff, we headed back to base at Kennedy and got down to work (after pizza and an obligatory celebration of National Milkshake month) dismantling our Block Party! season robot. It was rough, Scraps had undergone an amazing season … Continue reading

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February 7-9

T-minus 6 days until the Hudson Valley Championship, and operation rebuild is going great! Rebuilt! The dawn of "Scraps". #omgFTC #omgFIRST — Bionic Gaels FTC5602 (@BionicGaels) February 8, 2014 We’ve named our new ‘bot Scraps, and she’s nearly complete! … Continue reading

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February 1-2

This past weekend, we decided to completely disassemble our current robot, Jack the Gripper. With it’s straight-line drive and ability only to pick up one block, it was nowhere near as efficient as we need it to be. Although we … Continue reading

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2013-2014 Kickoff

Yesterday, September 7th, the team attended the Pace University live kickoff workshop for the new season. It was an informative day as we learned not only about the game, but the changes to FTC. In addition, our mentor talked about … Continue reading

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December 14, 15, and 22 meetings

Over the course of these three meetings, we have had great successes with a new passive ring scooper. CHECK IT OUT!  

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Holonomic Drive

To really take advantage of speed and maneuverability, we’ve decided to use holonomic drive. At today’s all day build session, we finished the frame and added a working arm to the bot. Here’s what our chassis can do!

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Past 5 meetings

The Bionic Gaels met October 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, and 18th. Over the course of these meetings, we split off into groups to complete these tasks: using pulleys to open linear slides, grabbers that can hold two rings, and making a weight … Continue reading

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