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Columbus Day Weekend

This weekend the team met twice for mega build sessions. We worked on programming, indirect drive, and mechanisms.  

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Ranger and Indirect Drive

Today 10 members and one prospective member had an after school meeting. The new members got both Rangers finished. One was even programmed and driven around! The returning members worked with indirect drive. After using direct drive and seeing the … Continue reading

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Learning Creo

Tonight 6 members tuned in for an online meeting to learn the basics of Creo. We watched our mentor go through the tutorials as he explained what everything means.

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Sunday Build Day

Today 10 members met for a weekend build session. The new members finished two modified Rangers for future use. Creo and RobotC were installed on multiple computers so a lot more members can have access to these tools.  

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Ranger and Prototyping

Today we had our weekly after school meeting. 4 old members and 6 rookies attended. It was a bit of madness with everyone running around learning. The old members talked about drive trains and the rookies continued working on Ranger. … Continue reading

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Online Meeting

Today the team tried our first online meeting. 3 old members and 2 new members talked over Skype and used FlockDraw and MeetingBurner to share our ideas. We found this to be very efficient, and we hope to add a … Continue reading

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Farewell, Anakin Skyroller

Today the 6 members met to take apart our beloved Anakin Skyroller after Club Day. We will miss him much, but it is time to move on to the next challenge. In addition, 2 prospective members came and started building … Continue reading

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First Meeting

All six members attended our first meeting, yesterday September 13th. We talked about robot ideas and played matches of the game to see where the best places to put rings were.  

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Ring It Up! Kickoff

Today 5 members held the first meeting to watch the kickoff of this year’s game, Ring It Up!. Here is the official video in case you have not seen it:  We talked about our strategies: what to do for autonomous programming, how … Continue reading

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5/31/12 Last Meeting

Today was the last meeting of the school year. 4 members met and talked about ideas for next year. This following video is of the multi-jointed arm created to lift crates onto the scissors lift we had been prototyping.  

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