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Home of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
FTC is designed for those who want to compete head-to-head using a sports model. Teams of up to 10 students are responsible for designing, building, and programming their robots to compete in an alliance format against other teams.
FIRST Tech Challenge YouTube Channel
FTC team vlogs and tutorial videos
FTC Toolbox
Samantha, Field Control System, Programming and Design, TETRIX
FIRST Student Team Information Member System (STIMS)
Team member and parent access to on-line consent/release forms, and communication with FIRST
Hudson Valley FTC
Pace University is proud to run the FIRST Tech Challenge for the Hudson Valley region of New York.
New York City FIRST [Facebook | Twitter]
Hosts of the New York City FIRST Tech Challenge Championship at the Javitts Center.

PTC (Creo, Mathcad, and Windchill)

PTC sponsored us for the 2012-2013 Ring It Up! season

PTC FIRST Resources
PTC’s donated software offerings (Creo, Mathcad Prime and Windchill), training and other resources such as scholarships and team grants.
PTC LearningExchange
LearningExchange is the go-to place for free tutorials on PTC products.
FRC and FTC – Getting Started Information
Resources for using PTC Windchill and Creo software
PTC Academic Program for Schools
More training resources for PTC
CAD Models for FTC Kit of Parts
Downloadable CAD models for TETRIX kit and game field elements
Getting Started with PTC Pro/ENGINEER (now called Creo)
FIRST resource page on Creo setup
Portal for Windchill ProjectLink


TETRIX Getting Started Guide
Introduction to TEXTRIX with build instructions for Ranger example robot
TETRIX Getting Started Guide FTC Extension
Introduction to additional FTC-specific TETRIX topics
TETRIX Building System
More detailed tour of TETRIX parts and how to use motors, gears, wheels, servos, etc.
TETRIX resources for FIRST Tech Challenge
FTC Robotics Gallery
Gallery of winning robots from past seasons
Getting Started with TETRIX
Earlier version of TETRIX Getting Started exercises based on Mantis example robot
Mantis Building Instructions
Step-by-step instructions for building Mantis example robot

ROBOTC :: 2011-2012 FTC Season
Download and learn about ROBOTC
ROBOTC for 2011 FTC Teams
Getting started with ROBOTC
ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS 3.00 – Users Manual
Reference for the ROBOTC environment
ROBOTC Training for TETRIX
Online course with videos for learning ROBOTC
FREE Course: ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams
Register and take courses in various ROBOTC topics
CMU Robotics Academy
FTC online tutorials from Carnegie Mellon University
TETRIX Sensing
Programming for TETRIX and MINDSTORMS Sensors and Encoders


FIRST Tech Challenge Community
Forums for LabVIEW discussion


FIRST Tech Challenge Parts
TETRIX parts from Lego Education / Pitsco
HiTechnic Products
Robotic sensors for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
Wiha Professional Quality Tools
Tools: T-handle hex wrenches, combination wrenches
Micro Fasteners – Hobbyists Source
Fasteners: Locknuts, washers, machine screws – The Hardware Store for Researchers and Developers
Fasteners, materials, tubing, fittings, tools
McMaster-Carr – Fastening and Joining
Screws, bolts, spacers, stand-offs, …
Powerwerx: Online Shopping for Anderson Power Products
Anderson Powerpole connectors
AndyMark Inc.
Official FTC supplier – plastic sheet, racquetballs, wiring, field perimeter wall
SoftTiles Interlocking Foam Floor Mats (used for the competition field) – Computer Parts
Field control system parts: wireless router, USB hubs
K&J Magnetics – Strong Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets
Magnets hidden in game racquetballs
Sterilite crates, gaffers tape
“The Hardware Store for Researchers and Developers”
Home Depot
Lumber, PVC, tools, …


FTC Forums
Discussion, questions and answers about the game Forums
Discussion, questions and answers about ROBOTC
Chief Delphi
Portal to forums on lots of different FIRST topics
Chief Delphi FTC Forum
FIRST Tech Challenge forum on Chief Delphi
PlanetPTC Community
Discussion forums for PTC users
Community of FIRST users of PTC Software